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"Adelaide Brighton Ltd"
manufacturing cement, lime and related products.

"American Insulock Inc."

manufacturer of interlocking polyurethane blocks used to form reinforced concrete wall systems suitable for residential and commercial construction.

"Anti-Hydro International, Inc."

manufactures admixtures, floor hardening products, sealers, grouts, sealants, and specialty treatments for concrete and masonry.

"Atlas Construction Supply"

design, fabrication, and supply of concrete forming and shoring systems, accessores,and tilt-up and restoration products. Also offers chemicals and powders.

"Avanti International"

supplier of chemical grout.

"Blue Circle North America"

manufacturer of cement, concrete, aggregates, ready-mix, Portland cement, lime, masonry, mud, mortar and slag.

"Burnco Rock Products Ltd"

supplies concrete, asphalt, aggregate and packaged products to Western Canada. Supplies landscaping materials to retail customers.

"BVS Concrete Specialties"

manufacturer of concrete specialty products including non-shrink grouts, bonding agents, cures and sealers as well as other restoration and application products

"C&T Reinforcing Steel Co. Ltd."

specialists in reinforcing concrete inside and out.


producer of construction aggregates, asphalt and ready mixed concrete in California, Arizona and New Mexico.

"Cav. Nico Velo & F.lli S.p.A"

is leader in prefabricating industry. We produce industrial prefabricated products, cement and concrete tanks and tubs for industrial, agricultural and civil applications.

"Cayce Chemicals, Inc."

presents concrete coatings and sealants.

"Cemex S.A. de C.V."

producer of cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates.

"Central Pre-Mix Dev.Corporation"

holding company whose subsidiary operating companies supply concrete and asphalt to the Northwest.


manufactures ready-mixed concrete and pre-mixed plasters and mortars in the Middle East and Asia.

"Cornerstone Engineering"

building restoration and concrete engineering and restoration.

"Dravo Corporation"

focusing on developing and marketing lime and lime-related environmental technologies, products, and services.

"Form and Build Supply Inc."

distributor of concrete-related and masonry specialty products.


manufacturing cement, aggregates, concrete and concrete admixtures.

"Irving Materials, Inc. (IMI)"

concrete and aggregate supplier. Headquarters are in Louisville, with offices throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

"Kaiser Cement Corporation"

manufacturing cement.

"Key Enterprise"

White portland cement, rebar, cement coloring, lime, quicklime, quick lime, and other construction materials producing by this enterprise.

"Lone Star Industries, Inc."

manufactures cement and concrete.

"Monroc, Inc"

produces precast concrete components, ready-mix, and sand and gravel. Serving the Western states.


specializing in the production and distribution of cements, ready-mixed concretes, aggregates and other related products.

"Pioneer International"

manufacture of pre-mixed concrete and quarry products. Also produce roof tiles in Australia and the USA, and manufacturs bricks, plasterboard and masonry products.

"PT. Semen Cibinong"

producer of cement and concrete products in Southeast Asia.

"Riverside Cement Company"

manufactures and distributes white and grey portland cement throughout the western US and Hawaii.

"RMC Industries Corporation"

producer and supplier of construction building products, including ready-mix, concrete products, aggregates, and cement.

"RMT Contracting Ltd"

specializing in prestressed, precast concrete construction in the Pacific Northwest.

"Rugby Group PLC"

building materials company, specialising in cement, joinery and millwork.

"Rugby Group PLC"

building materials company, specialising in cement, joinery and millwork.

"Scancem Group"

manufacturer of mineral-based concrete, masonry, and plasterboard building materials, with main markets in the North Sea and Baltic Sea regions

"St. Lawrence Cement"

producing and supplying cement, concrete, aggregates and construction services in Canada and the eastern U.S.

"Superson Building Materials Manufacturing"

cement based, dry-mixed, exterior and interior face coatings, ready-mixed plaster, repair and fine plasters, adhesives for ceramic, insulation board, light weight wall block and super adhesives for granite-marble and more

"Target Products Ltd."

manufactures concrete and aggregate blends for use in the construction, abrasive, silica, and golf industries.<

"The Concrete Company"

offers ready-mix, sand and gravel, and precast. Locations in Savannah, western Georgia, and Alabama.

"The Traditional Lime Company"

supplies a range of high quality traditional lime products for the conservation and preservation of old buildings.

"TXI Corporation"

corporate profile, investor relations, phone listings, e-mail addresses and information regarding products and services.

"United China Int Enterprises Group"

manufactures portland cement.

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