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"Aeronautical & General Instruments Limited (UK)"
naval instrumentation and systems

"AHT Corporation (CANADA)"

provides an advanced design toolset using dynamic simulation and high fidelity modeling for use in a wide range of military and industrial applications

"Amrel Systems, Inc (USA)"

Rocky II Ruggedized notebook computer

"Analysis & Technology Inc. (USA)"

mine warfare systems

"Anaren Microwave, Inc (USA)"

upplies microwave components and sub-assemblies for wireless communications, radar and telecommunication systems in both defence and civil applications

"Array Systems (CANADA)"

products for sonar, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), radar scan conversion, remote sensing, xray baggage inspection, maritime damage control.

"Atlantis Aerospace Corporation (CANADA)"

naval training simulators

"Bofors Underwater Systems AB"

developer and supplier of the Double Eagle MK II Mine Countermeasure System withapplications in the naval industry and commercial maritime industry

"BP Marine Limited (UK)"

suppliers of bunker fuels and marine lubricants to the international shipping industry

"Brookdale International Systems Inc. (CANADA)"

a manufacturer of respiratory protective devices distributed worldwide

"Brown Brothers and Company Ltd. (UK)"

naval stabilizers and steering gears


thruster systems for ship propulsion and manoeuvring

"BT Defence Marketing (UK)"

committed to delivering innovative solutions, supported by world class products and services

"CAE Electronica (CANADA)"

a world leader in real-time simulation and control systems in the fields of naval systems, civilian and military aviation, energy and space

"Calibre UK"

COTS display equipment

"CON-SPACE Communications Ltd (CANADA)"

gas free confined space and hazardous area communication

"CRM Spa Motori Martini (IT)"

high-spedd, light weight diesel engines

"Crypto AG (CH)"

specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of ruggedized information systems for security applications within the naval industry

"Cyberchron Corporation (USA)"

rugged computers, workstations and peripherals

"DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (DE)"

naval radars and sensors

"Danyard Aalborg AS (DK)"

MCM drones, MCMVs, multi-role naval ships, patrol craft and components

"De Drie Electronics BV (NL)"

develops and manufactures innovative power supplies, battery chargers and transformers for defence applications.

"DRS Technologies Inc (CANADA)"

a leading supplier of defense electronics systems, providing high-technology products and services to government and commercial markets worldwide

"Easat Antennas Ltd (UK)"

surveillance radar sensors

"EDO Corporation, Combat Systems (USA)"

combat systems, undersea warfare equipment

"Electric Boat Corporation"

designer and builder of nuclear submarines for the US Navy.

"Empresa Nacional BAZAN (ES)"

design and construction of warships

"Ericsson Microwave Systems AB"

naval radar systems

"Everpure, Inc. (USA)"

a manufacturer and supplier of potable water purification and treatment products to ensure safe, high-quality drinking water supplies aboard Naval Surface Ships, world-wide

"Fabreeka International, Inc. (CANADA)"

vibration and shock technology

"Fairmount Automation, Inc. (USA)"

a leading supplier of rugged digital process controllers for extreme environments

"Feuchter GmbH and Co KG (DE)"

protective performance garments and clothing

"Fisker-Andersen & Whalen, Inc."

specialises in design, conversion, and structural modifications for commercial vessels.

"Framatome Connectors UK Ltd"

"Frazer-Nash Consultancy Limited (UK)"

stealth software, assessment, consultancy and research

"GEM Systems, Inc. (CANADA)"

magnetomers for land, space and air

"Glenair, Inc. (USA)"

leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial and Mil-Spec connector accessories

"Hale Hamilton Valves UK Ltd"

high precision valves

"Hepburn Engineering Inc. (CANADA)"

underway replenishment at Sea (RAS) Systems

"Hydraudyne Systems & Engineering B.V. (NL)"

design, manufacture and supply drive andcontrol systems for a range of marine applications


satellite communications

"Infocom (DK)"

develops, manufactures, installs and provides life-time support of Integrated Communication Systems (ICS) for vessels

"Intermarine S.p.A. (IT)"

GRP naval vessels

"Interstate Connecting Components Inc. (USA)"

a leading supplier of Mil-Spec shipboard Connectors, Connector accessories and Shipboard cable

"IPH Marine Automation AS (DK)"

marine automation software

"JDR Cable Systems Ltd (UK)"

an impressive track record in the design and manufacture of rugged and innovative marine cables.

"JW Automarine"

specialises in the design and manufacture of underwater recovery systems

"Kockums AB (SE)"

submarines and surface vessels

"Kongsberg Simrad Ltd. (UK)"

harsh environment camera systems

"Kongsberg Simrad Mesotech Ltd (CANADA)"

naval sonar systems

"Kværner Mandal a.s (NO)"

naval ship design and shipbuilding

"KVH Industreis, Inc. (USA)"

mobile satellite communication and navigation solutions

"L-3 Communication Systems-East (USA)"

designs, develops, produces and integrates communication systems and support equipment for space, air, ground, and naval applications

"L-3 Communications - Power Paragon (USA)"

a leading independent, merchant supplier to aerospace, military and commercial primes

"LINKSrechts Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (DE)"

helicopter landing aids


naval navigation systems


world leader in the design and manufacture of lightweight discharge piping for shipbuilding and offshore constructions.

"Lyngsø Marine A/S (DK)"

leading supplier of advanced marine automation equipment

"MacArtney A/S (DK)"

ROVs & underwater surveillance equipment

"Marine Acoustic Limited (UK)"

sonar systems technology

"McGard, Inc."

manufacturer of locking security products such as wheel and boat propeller locks.

"Nautical Data International, Inc."

specialises in the production and distribution of digital hydrographic and other data products to serve the needs of GIS users.

"Naval Team Denmark (DK)"

multi-role ships and support vessels

"Navware Canada Inc."

a designer and supplier of hazard analysis software

"Neptune Sonar Ltd (UK)"

underwater acoustic transducers and hydrophones

"Nordic Defence Industries A/S"

supplier of the Danish Mine Disposal Charge system DAMDIC Mk 1 to the Naval Industry

"Ocean Scientific International Ltd. (USA)"

marine analysis services

"Offshore Systems International, Inc."

distributors and manufacturers of commercial marine navigation equipment. Distributing the full line of Gyrocompass, Autopilots and Speed Logs produced by Yokogawa Denshikiki Co. Ltd.

"OmniTech AS (NO)"

underwater acoustic cameras and imaging

"PDM Neptec (UK)"

produces subsea mechanical and electrical components and sub-systems, including connectors, harnesses, encapsulated and moulded products and bend control devices

"Polyamp AB (SE)"

specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of various mine countermeasure systems for application within the naval industry

"Quality Systems & Software Inc. (USA)"

requirements management, systems engineering, project management

"Racal Pelagos (USA)"

integrated navigation and data management system software

"Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG (DE)"

designs, manufactures, markets, integrates, installs and maintains radiocommunication equipment and systems for navies and other military forces

"Roxtec AB (SE)"

a developer and distributor of adaptable cable and pipe penetration seals with MultiDiameter technology

"Safe Environment Engineering (USA)"

specialises in the development and manufacture of interactive telemetry and communication systems for space monitoring

"Sagem Defence and Security Division (FR)"

supplies its customers, navies and shipyards with advanced inertial and satellite navigation

"Securiplex Inc (CANADA)"

specialises in the engineering of turnkey solutions or high-risk applications in several industrial sectors

"Siemens AG (DE)"

power generation, conversion and distribution, drives and automation

"Sigma Coatings USA BV"

develops, manufactures and distributes specialised paints and coatings for all marine applications


develop and manufacture off-board decoys for advanced threat applications in naval defence

"Southern Oceanics (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)"

diving systems and equipment

"Specialty Products, Ltd. (USA)"

specializes in the design and manufacture of Motion Support Brackets for aboard ship use

"Station 12 (NL)"

mobile satellite communication services

"STN ATLAS Elektronik (DE)"

manufacture of equipment and systems for surface vessels and boats, submarines and stationary installations

"Storebro Bruks AB (SE)"

special task boats

"TERMA Elektronik AS (DK)"

manufactures the Soft Kill Weapon System

"Thordon Bearings Inc. (CANADA)"

designs and manufactures high performance, pollution-free propeller shaft, rudder and deck quipment bearing solutions.

"Transas Marine (UK) Ltd."

naval navigation software

"Viasat, Inc. (USA)"

satellite and other wireless communication applications


Modular intellident data acquisition systems and bus analyzers

"Wallop Defence Systems Division (UK)"

naval decoy systems

"Weidlinger Associates, Inc. (USA)"

shock and vibration analysis and simulation software

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