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"America España Planificacion Mercados"
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"Architectural Association School of Architecture"

a learned society and a school of architecture. Details of foundation, undergraduate and graduate courses, events and resources.

"Arizona State University"

The college offers a Bachelor of Science in Design Degree with a major in Architectural Studies as well as graduate programs leading to the professional degree of Master of Architecture.

"Auburn University"

Information about the school and its campus-based and online studio courses.

"Australian Institute of Building"

The Australian Institute of Building was established in 1951 and ncorporated in 1955. It was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1969.

"Ball State College"

The college offers undergraduate and graduate professional degrees in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, and a special program in historic preservation.

"Barlett Faculty of the Built Environment"

School of Architecture: programmes, people, research, events and resources.

"Bauhaus-Universität - Weimar"

Endeavours to generate concepts and projects for a renewed building culture and to give momentum to contemporary architecture.

"Berkley University Architecture"

A large site giving information about the department's various programs, news, people, research and admission process.


In the Netherlands offers a postgraduate course for architects, with a focus on architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture. Staff, curriculum.

"Berlin University of the Arts"

all disciplines of the arts including fine arts, visual arts, design, architecture, music and the performing arts.

"Bilkent University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture"

Links to the faculties various departments of study and admissions/administration information. Turkey.

"Budapest University"

Prepares architectural engineers who are aware of the social and cultural implications of their profession.

"Cal Poly Architecture"

The department offers course information for B.Architecture, masters and various off campus student programs.

"Cardiff University"

Information about the school, getting there, courses, research, staff, special centres and student work.

"Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture"

Supplies information the school's people, educational programs, admissions, site resources and special events.

"Centre for Architectural Design Studies"

Associated with the School of Architecture at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Liège (ULg) in Belgium.

"Chalmers University of Technology"

It incorporates technology, social sciences, and the arts with a primary concentration on the planning and design of buildings. Swedish.

"City College of San Francisco"

Information about the courses offered, degrees and certificates and the faculty staff.

"Connecticut College"

Gives the aims and objectives of the College and information on its courses, students, faculty members, alumni, links to other relevant architecture websites.

"Cornell University"

Gives detailed information about the department's aims and objectives, news and publications, special programs and curriculums.

"Czech Technical University in Prague"

Provides information mainly for prospective European Credit Transfer System students. Also departments, research and education.

"Dalhousie University"

On the Atlantic coast of Canada, it offers professional education in architecture and planning to students from North America and abroad.

"Discipline Network in Building Management"

Its goal is to promote techniques and practices that will improve the standard of building education and tailor it more closely to the needs of industry.

"Drury University"

This site gives information about the school's studios, architecture curriculum, and student gallery.

"École d´Architecture de Paris - la - Seine"

Gives a central place in its teaching to the architectural project and to the sculptural plastic expression, which are taught in ateliers.

"Eindhoven Uuniversity of Technology"

Architectural design absorbing architecture and history.

"Estonian Academy of Art"

Information about the academy, its educational programs, people of note, special relations, links and online library and forum.

"Fachhochschule Nürtingen"

The program emphasizes the development, design and the care of cities and landscapes.

"Glasgow Festival of Architecture and Design"

official web site for the 1999 Festival, designed by Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art.

"Glasgow School of Art"

Seeks to improve the relationship between people and their environment, encompasses the social and physical sciences as well as the arts.

"Helsinki University of Technology"

Information about the school's history, courses and the Finnish tradition of teaching architecture. Finland.

"Hokkaido Tokai University"

Offers information about the department's three areas of study: architectural design, architectural engineering and landscape architecture. Japan.

"Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture"

Gives information about the college's history, courses, resources and student projects.

"Iowa State University"

A comprehensive site about the architecture department's courses, faculty, students and school calendar.

"Kansas State University"

A student orientated site with information about the college's courses, staff contacts and online services.

"Kent State University"

A detailed site giving information about the school and the Kent University Uban Design Centre, plus a fun online tutorial quiz for architecture students.

"Kingston University School of Architecture and Landscape"

Architecture at this London school is centred on design studio activity.

"KTH Royal Institute of Technology School of Architecture"

Information from the Student Counsellor's and International offices about programme structures and applications. Sweden.

"La Cambre"

professional qualification in architecture (recognised by the European Union).

"Manchester School of Architecture"

School's history, courses, specialist colleges, publications, as well as links for existing students to online courseware and lecture series. UK.

"McGill University"

In Quebec, Canada, welcomes prospective students, and gives information about the school and its programs, as well as online application form and course material.

"Montana State University"

Gives online information about the course schedule, staff, special community programs, lectures and alumni news.

"National Cheng Kung University"

Gives information about the courses offered, a brief history of the school, department resources and links to the departments special studies and interests. Taiwan.

"New Jersey Institute"

A comprehensive site supplying information on admissions, the curriculum, faculty and its publications, research, facilities and events.

"Newcastle School of Architecture"

in uk

"NTNU - Trondheim, Faculty of Architecure"

Located in Norway it offers Architectural History, Design, Town and Regional Planning and Building Technology.

"Ohio State University"

Gives information about the school's programs in architecture, landscape architecture and city and regional planning.

"Oxford School of Architecture"

It is a lively and exciting School hosting a wide range of special events and welcomes many visitors and speakers.

"Philadelphia University"

Informative site about the school's courses, faculty and special working programs.

"Pratt Institute"

Offers graduate and postgraduate programs in architecture or architecture and urban design. School profile and details of programs, events, courses, faculty and staff.

"Prince's Foundation"

Founded by the Prince of Wales (UK) to promotes a return of human values to architecture. Outline of aims and projects.

"Princetown University"

Gives information about the school's courses and news, as well as contact email addresses of current staff and students.

"Rhode Island School of Design"

Gives information about the school's faculty and design courses, which include architecture and interior architecture.

"Rice University"

Gives information about the architecture course, admissions, online shockwave downloads of architecture interviews and online lectures.

"Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts"

One of the world's oldest schools of architecture. It aims to provide an artistic and scientific course of study to diploma level. Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Ryerson Polytechnic University"

Gives information about admission, course programs, research programs and current news.

"Tampere University of Technology, Finland"

Courses, links, contact information and student projects.

"Technische Universiteit Delft - The Netherlands"

The main focus in this specialization is on architectural design and through research that students develop the ability for independent work in architecture in relation to social and technical questions.

"Texas A&M University"

Gives information about the school's design departments, centers and laboratories, students and press events, and university background.

"Texas Technical University"

Gives information for students and architects about scholarships, academics, admissions, and historic preservation.

"The Catholic University of Architecture"

Offers information about the school's current events, programs offered, faculty lecturers, school history, how to apply, portfolios and connected organisations.

"Triksaki University"

A student run website about the department

"Tulane School of Architecture"

Supplies information about the school history, programs, courses, admissions, alumni and the city of New Orleans.

"Universita della Svizzera Italiana"

Located in Mendrisio. Ambitions to create the figure of the new architect which will be capable confront in an efficient and creative way the continuous changes within the profession.

"University at Buffalo"

Provides an overview of the school, semester highlights, and information about the admission process, degree programs, study abroad programs and job opportunities.

"University of Arizona"

Gives information about the college's academic programs, faculty, students, alumni, research publications, online resources, college calendar, course pages and computer technical support.

"University of British Columbia"

Gives the school's news and events, mission statement, programs, faculty and staff, courses and calendar, publications and architecture links. Canada.

"University of Calgary"

A big site with lots of information for prospective students about the courses, calendars, faculty as well as special faculty research projects. Canada.

"University of California Los Angeles"

Faculty and staff, degree programs, online classes, students and alumni, general information.

"University of Cincinnati"

A comprehensive site detailing the school's courses, events and conferences, general information about the school and special study centres.

"University of Colorado"

A big site about the college, its departments, people, special programs and admissions.

"University of Florida"

Gives information about the college, staff and students, academics and events.

"University of Georgia"

A big site with information about the school, its departments, online resources and contact information.

"University of Hannover"

Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation, Open Space Development and Planning related Sociology, Open Space Planning and Garden Architecture.

"University of Hawaii"

Gives information about the school, admission process, programs, places, people and events.

"University of Hong Kong"

A detailed site with information about the department's staff, events, courses, degrees, research projects and facilities.

"University of Houston"

Officers, activities and events.

"University of Illinois"

A comprehensive site with information about the school's history, philosophy, courses, faculty and people, scholarships, lecture series, libraries and galleries.

"University of Kansas"

Gives information about the architecture courses offered.

"University of Kentucky"

Provides an online brochure, academic programs, the college

"University of Liverpool"

Provides an educational environment for students of arch., building environmental engineering and construction management so that each gains a better understanding of their future role in the construction industry.

"University of Manchester"

One of Britain's leading centres of town planning, landscape and environmental management.

"University of Miami"

A large and detailed site with information about the school, its academic services, programs, people and current events.

"University of Michigan Taubman"

Gives information about the college, its staff, courses, news and publications as well as student resources.

"University of Minnesota"

Gives information about admissions, lecture series, academic resources, student services and college research groups and centers.

"University of Nebraska"

Supplies information on the college calendar, departments, research centers, organisations and the Joslyn Castle Insitute.

"University of Nevada"

Gives information about the college's academic courses, classes, people and admission procedures. There is also an online gallery and library.

"University of New Mexico"

Gives information about the school, its programs and organizations, admission procedures, staff, student support and current news and events.

"University of North Carolina"

Gives information about the college's degree programs, people, and resources.

"University of Notre Dame"

An introductory witha brief profile and images of the school and its contact details.

"University of Oklahoma"

Gives information about the college, its history and academic programs.

"University of Pittsburgh"

Offers information about the school andd its faculty, academic programs, and projects.

"University of Sheffield"

Offers information about the school, its courses, research programs, people, events, services, positions available and an online gallery. UK.

"University of Southern California"

A large site with information about the school and its context, programs, facilities, financial aid, faculty profiles, courses, calendar and contacts.

"University of Strathclyde"

Courses centre upon design, giving priority to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and sensitivity needed to address the problems of the built environment

"University of Tennessee"

Gives information about the college's undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture, its faculty, staff alumni, lectures and events.

"University of Texas"

A comprehensive site with information about the school, its curriculum, community programs, events, publications and current architectural news.

"University of Utah"

A large site with information for students and architects about the school, its news and courses.

"University of Virginia"

A comprehensive site about the school's departments and programs, as well as online course materials and student works gallery.

"University of York"

Part of the Archaeology Department offering post-graduate study in conservation of historic buildings.

"Virginia Tech College"

A simple site with clear information about the college's programs, news, people, special places and useful links.

"Washington University in St Louis"

Gives a clear overview of the department's aims and programs, including a special discovery program.

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