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"AAON, Inc."
manufacturer of rooftop heating and cooling units.

"Accent Refrigeration Systems Ltd."

industrial refrigeration contractor that designs, manufactures, installs and services custom refrigeration systems for recreational ice rinks located throughout North America.

"Adacam Software"

engineering design software for the HVAC and refrigeration industries; bespoke software.

"Addison Products Company"

manufacturer of air conditioners and domestic water heating heat recovery units.

"Aermec Spa"

air conditioning systems.

"AirTech York, Inc."

manufacturers and distributors of mini and multi split air conditioners, heat pumps, parts, accessories. Central and commercial split and package units.

"Alerton Technologies, Inc."

manufactures building automation controls for energy management and HVAC.

"Allied Thermal Systems"

maker of Thermal Flow residential water-cooled air conditioning systems.

"Alltemp Products Company Limited"

manufactures and distributes various air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilating, vacuum, appliance and electric motor and industrial pump parts throughout Canada.

"American Standard Companies, Inc.@"

manufacturer of high quality, brand name air conditioning systems, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings, braking systems for vehicles and medical systems.

"Artel spa"

leader in air quality

"Atlas Butler Heating and Cooling"

Heating and air conditioning company in Columbus, Ohio. Commercial and residential heating and cooling systems. HVAC training school and jobs.


specialises in fan selection programmes.

"Automated Logic Corporation"

manufacturer of building automation systems, HVAC and DDC controls, graphical programming and gateway software.

"Avis Power Vacuum Ltd."

furnace & duct cleaning.

"Bartley Services Inc."

offering design, maintenance, and installation of HVAC systems.

"Bottom Line Software, Inc."

service management system designed for HVAC, plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors.

"Calmac Manufacturing Corporation"

manufacturer of thermal energy storage equipment for off-peak air conditioning in commercial HVAC applications and ice skating rinks.

"Carmel Software Corporation"

provider of Windows-based HVAC software.

"Coastal Computer Corporation"

offers service management software and training for the HVAC and plumbing contractor.

"Cold Point Corporation"

manufactures residential, seashore, and industrial window air conditioners, minisplit, and condensing units.

"Commercial Refrigeration Inc"

offers design, manufacturing and installation of refrigeration systems for ice arenas and curling rinks.


designs air conditioning systems and equipment.

"Dallas Port A Cool"

selling portable evaporative misting fans for commercial, industrial, and special events use.

"DataTech Integrated Systems, Inc."

creators of software that will perform estimating, air tab, hydronic tab, and project management functions.

"DataTech Integrated Systems, Inc."

creators of software that will perform estimating, air tab, hydronic tab, and project management functions.

"Delta T Corp"

designs and installs cooling systems for commercial and industrial facilities, utilizing the Sprinkool evaporative roof cooling system.

"Dettson Inc."

manufacturer of residential HVAC equipment offers a line of oil or gas-fired furnaces, boilers, and accessories.

"E.H. Price Limited"

manufacturer of air distribution systems including registers, grilles, diffusers, air quality systems, terminal units, and controllers.

"Eastern Trading & Industry LLC"

manufacturers of NISMA split system air conditioners.

"Easy Radiant Works"

manufacturing low intensity radiant tube heaters and infra-red heating for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential uses. Also supplies natural and propane gas.

"EDPAC International Limited"

manufacturers of precision/close control air-conditioning equipment.

"Enertel Controls Inc."

manufactures energy management electronic controls dedicated to the residential HVAC/R, home automation, commercial and industrial markets.

"Environmental Support Solutions, Inc."

software, training, and facility services to help plant engineeers, HVAC/R service technicians, and environmental officers comply with regulations.

"Eucania International Inc."

designs, manufactures and exports cross-flow and tangential blowers and fans.


manufacturers of industrial and commercial cooling towers.

"F.J. Evans Engineering Company, Inc."

manufactures infrared, patio, and unit heaters, fans, air distribution equipment, kitchen hoods, and paint booths.

"Fehr Sheet Metal Ltd."

striving to meet all HVAC and sheet metal requirements.

"Freedman s Quick Quote Inc."

allows a salesperson to rapidly provide installation estimates.

"Friedrich Air Conditioning Co."

producer of ductless split systems, packaged terminal, thru-the-wall, vertical self-contained and room air conditioners, and electronic air cleaners.

"Frontier Refrigeration"

manufacturers of the IceKube geothermal chiller. Also sells and installs commercial refrigeration equipment and ice arena systems.

"General Shelters of Texas, Inc."

featuring the Port-A-Cool, a portable, self-contained evaporative cooler.


manufactures chemicals to prevent scale and corrosion in boilers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, chillers, and closed recirculating systems.

"Heat Pipe Technology, Inc."

manufacturer of dehumidifier and heat recovery heat pipes for commercial and residential applications.

"HVAC Computer Systems Ltd."

offers HVAC-Calc software.


offers a programme that provides facilities administrators an overview of system operation.

"Industrial Controls and Monitoring Systems, Inc. ICAMS"

control and monitoring software for HVAC, aquaculture and process control.

"K.D. Engineering"

indoor air quality monitoring equipment and testing; HVAC maintenance and balancing.

"Klimaire Products Inc."

manufacturers of mini/multi-split, air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigeration equipment, parts & accessories.

"Koolfog Incorporated"

offers misting fans and systems for irrigation, special effects or climate control.

"KRS Enterprises Inc."

software development for plumbing, HVAC, and other service industries.

"L & W Equipment Corporation"

manufacturers of explosion proof air conditioning equipment.

"MaticAir Supply & Mfg. Ltd."

specializes in manufacturing heating and ventilation ducting equipment.


flow reduction valve that helps prevent scalding injuries.

"Mestek, Inc."

Mestek is a family of over 30 specialty manufacturers providing ventilating, heating and air conditioning products, coil handling equipment, computer service

"Mistral Limited"

software provider for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.


serves the residential, manufactured housing, retail and wholesale markets with heating and air condition.

"Olsen Technology Inc."

makers of heating and cooling systems, including oil and gas furnaces.

"Peake Industries Limited"

manufacturers of air conditioning equipment for residential,commercial and industrial applications.

"Petra Engineering Industries Co. Ltd."

manufacturers of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ventilation equipment in the Middle East.

"Quietaire Inc."

manufacturers of ventilation products for industrial, commercial, greenhouse and agricultural use.

"Quote Software"

estimating solutions for the HVAC contractor.


serving the agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial fields with total ventilation systems.

"Rheem Manufacturing Company"

manufacturers of water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, swimming pool heaters, and boilers.

"Riello Burners"

Gas burners, heavy oil burners, light oil burners, low nox burners.

"Robur Corporation"

manufacturing of environmentally sensitive gas fired absorption cooling equipment.

"Simutech Systems, Inc"

offers simulators which teach troubleshooting in the areas of A/C, heat pumps, furnaces, and commercial refrigeration.

"SIT Group"

SIT activity focuses on the control of gas for domestic appliances. SIT gas controls are suitable for boilers, furnaces, room heaters, fireplaces, water-heaters, catering appliances and heating systems for domestic, commercial and faming purposes.

"Streamline Software, Inc."

specialises in software for multi-vendor systems integration for the building automation industry.

"Stulz of North America"

precision air conditioning and energy efficient humidification systems.

"Team Management Systems, Inc."

software for plumbing, HVAC, and mechanical contractors.

"Venmar Ventilation Inc."

manufacturer of energy saving, recovery, and source ventilators, range hoods and ventilation systems.

"Walker Systems Corporation"

Designers and manufacturers of WalkerCONTROLS, a commercial HVAC and building automation system.

"Warren Technology"

specializing in high tech air distribution products designed to improve indoor air quality.

"Wendes Systems, Inc."

developer of estimating software for the pipe and sheetmetal industries: HVAC Sheet Metal, Mechanical Construction, Petro Chemical, Process Piping and more.

"Wrightsoft Corporation"

publishers of Right-Suite, Right-J, and other Right- programmes used for HVAC system design.

"Xideko srl"

Xideko produces electronic air cleaners and sterilizers, air curtainsand induatrial air cleaners. It distributes air conditioning and heating plants and dehumifiers.

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